About us

We at Puts Life are all about keeping your ride looking sharp, keepin’ it cool AND caring for the planet! You don’t have to choose anymore! Want to know more?


Once upon a time, long ago (the year 2022) Karl Östlund was trying to buy some eco-friendly car care products for his car styling company, SC Styling. Not only can regular car care products be terrible for the environment, eco-friendly ones are also easier to use - a win-win for everyone.

There was only one problem: there wasn't really anything available… Sure, there would be an occasional eco-friendly product if you did some digging, but no 100% eco-friendly brand. That’s when the idea for Puts Life was born!


So, yeah: every single Puts Life product is eco friendly!

Great! What does that mean?

Well, it means that every single product is PFAS-free, 100% biodegradable and free of any and all CLP-labels.

Sweet! What does that mean?

PFAS stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, which are a group of substances that dissolve water and grease. They don’t decompose under natural circumstances, and scientists believe they cause cancer and infertility in both humans and other animals. Puts Life products are PFAS-free.

A CLP-label - Classification, Labeling and Packaging - is a red and white label, with a black symbol of the thing it’s warning you of. CLP-labeled products are typically flammable, toxic or can cause chemical burns. Puts Life products have no CLP-labels.

And finally, 100% biodegradable means that it is able to decompose naturally (for example: being digested by microorganisms) without any environmental harm!

This also means that you don’t have to worry about inhaling any toxic fumes while you clean your car or when you’re driving your crisp clean ride.


Not only are all of Puts Lifes products eco friendly, they also work great! Every single product has been tested by us: the people working with Puts Life, and have become the car care of choice here!

Easy to use

Since all Puts Life products are PFAS-free as well as free of any CLP-labels they are less fiddly to actually use. Typical car care products usually contain lots of nasty chemicals and who knows what, so you can’t clean your car by public drains when using those products.

But this isn’t an issue with Puts Life, and it’s A-OK to use by public drains!

Product range

There are currently several different Puts Life products, both available in 750 ml bottles and 5 liter cans. There are also some wicked nice accessories, like brushes, buckets and sponges!

You can find a complete list of our products here!


If you want to buy some Puts Life, you can check out a list of our retailers here.

Would you like to sell Puts Life? Sweet! Hit us up at sales@puts.life, and we’ll talk!